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Think Like a Customer

Once upon a time …

Customer had many things to do in the day, and almost all of them involved some time spent waiting. Certainly some were short waits, and some were long waits, but there was always waiting, and this made Customer sad.

Naturally Customer wanted to take advantage of FREE WI-FI wherever possible, but the land’s "Evil Providers" made logging on difficult and time consuming. Through restaurants, schools, libraries, retail shops of all sort – even movie theaters and public events – no matter where Customer tried to log on to “free” WI-FI, there were many, many hoops to jump through. Customer found requirements involving credit cards, or account creation, or any number of diversions that kept Customer from doing what Customer wanted to do – Get on the Internet.

It did not matter where Customer happened to be, the “Evil Providers” would follow. Customer was still sad. It seemed to Customer that a Supreme Wi-Fi Wizard should be able to provide a simple solution:

  • No credit card needed.
  • Nothing to sign up for.
  • No hassles.
  • No delays.
  • Customer can use any device.
  • Just log in with ANY Standard Social Media Access.

Customer thought sadly, “You know, I should just be able to log in with Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google+ or any other social media account I have in order to get on the Internet here.”

Customer could not look up synonyms for “sad” because Customer could not get on the Internet.

Think Like a Business

Once upon a time …

Business watched Customer come in, and Business noticed a decidedly stressed demeanor. Customer saw the signs for “Limitless WI-FI™” proudly displayed, but Customer still looked sad. Business remained fearless, however.

As Customer pulled out a mobile device and started to log in to the Internet with a simple Social Media Account, Business saw a dramatic change. Customer merrily browsed the world via the Internet, and no longer minded waiting at all. Customer relaxed.

Business concluded the transaction with Customer who happily assured Business of repeat visits. Customer smiled. Business smiled. All was well in the world (well, at least this part of it, because in other parts of the world getting WI-FI was still a pain, and other icky things were going on too).

After Customer left, Business retired to the office and began searching for ways to keep Customer happy by calling up its own private account and device management statistics via the “Magic Baynetwork Interface.” Business learned a lot, and many immediate ideas occurred to Business wherein it might take advantage of the Customer knowledge gained. It could …

  • Bring more Customers into the Business
  • Target specials and promotions specific to Customer’s likes.
  • Allow Customer to place orders, or even preorders seamlessly.
  • Maintain a constant eye on the latest consumer trends.
  • Use concrete data to recommend other benefits to Customer via 3rd-Party Business Affiliations.

Business could even provide this targeted marketing and pinpoint advertising focused down to the level of the specific Business location or even as far as specific device. Business was amazed – and still very happy.

Taking advantage of a very low startup cost with Baynetwork, Business got a uniquely customized router that tied simply into existing local network access. Business paid only a low monthly subscription service fee to access the generated customer data and preferences in order to establish these spectacular goals. Baynetwork even provided expert support to help Business analyze the data, make contact with other potential advertising partners for Business, and generally keep Business making money while keeping Customer happy.

Business was fairly certain it heard little birds singing.

And The Moral of the Story?

[Trumpets Blare: Ta-DAH!]

Encourage your customers to spend a little time with you.

Very few of us get through a day without using one sort of WI-FI connection. If you own a business, you have certainly seen customers openly browsing the Internet whenever they have more than just a few seconds to wait. Well, Baynetwork has developed a way to take advantage of that inclination. Let us introduce you to the Limitless Wi-Fi™ providing the latest technology in customer service and cooperation.